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Manchester UMC Cemetery & Memorial Garden

Manchester UMC's Cemetery was established for church members and family of those having a relationship with this church or any other United Methodist Church.

Cemetery Gate


The Manchester United Methodist Church Cemetery, John Wesley Ward Memorial Wall, and the MUMC Columbarium were established for the purpose of providing an appropriate and dignified final resting place for members or those having a relationship with MUMC or any other United Methodist Church. This includes parents, siblings or children of the deceased. They are not open to the public. 

The property for the cemetery was deeded to the Methodist Episcopal Church of Manchester, Missouri in 1880. However, the first recorded burial was that of Joseph Harrison, August 9, 1852. 

All of the plantings in the Cemetery and the Memorial Garden have been given in memory of loved ones. No additional plantings are accepted without the approval of the Cemetery Committee. Memorial services are to be scheduled and planned by the family with the MUMC clergy.

John Wesley Ward Meditation & Memorial Wall


The Memorial Wall was established in 2002 and is named after John Wesley Ward, Pastor Emeritus of Manchester United Methodist Church. The Memorial Wall is located in the Meditation Garden at the Northwest corner of the Sanctuary just outside of the Marble Entrance. It is offered to those whose remains are not available for ground burial or in-nichement of cremated remains and are not interned in any other location. A space may be pre-purchased, which includes engraving of name and birth and death dates. Insignias, emblems or verses are not permitted. There are no other charges. The engraving will not take place until the death occurs. Care of the Memorial Wall and Garden is the responsibility of the Memorial Garden Committee.


Stoval Monument1

The MUMC Cemetery was officially established in 1880; however, there are a few burials dating back to 1852. There are presently more than 500 burials in our Cemetery, with an additional 400+ graves still available for purchase. The Cemetery has a perpetual care fund which ensures continued maintenance care for each grave. It is funded by using a portion of each grave purchase price.

There are some grave spaces that can be used for extra depth burials (two burials in one grave.) The purchase price includes perpetual care of the grave. There are no additional charges by the Cemetery Committee. The opening charge for the grave, at the time of need, will be collected by the funeral home. Headstones are purchased by the family or their agent and may be placed on a new burial no earlier than 6 months following the burial. Care of the Cemetery is the responsibility of the MUMC Cemetery Committee.



The MUMC Columbarium was added to our offerings in 2007. It provides a final resting place for those who have selected cremation as their final disposition. The Columbarium is located at the Northwest corner of the church building and is part of the Memorial Garden. There are single and companion niches available for purchase.  

The size of the niches are as follows: single – 6 ½ x 7 inches; double – 10 ¾ x 7 inches. Any type or material of cremation urn may be used provided it fits in the niche. The urn is to be purchased by the family or agent. It is not provided by the Cemetery Committee. Engraving is included in the purchase price of the niche and will include only the name and birth and death dates.  There are no other charges or fees. Insignias, emblems or verses are not permitted. If desired, memorial services may be scheduled and planned by the family with the clergy. Care of the Columbarium and Garden is the responsibility of the Memorial Garden Committee.



Contact Information:

If you are interested in further information, including costs, or purchasing any of the offerings for a final resting place of a loved one you may contact the church office at 636.394.7506.

Those interested in purchasing a niche or a space on the Memorial Wall may contact Corrine Thompson in the church office at 636.394.7506 or corrine.thompson@manchesterumc.org.

Those interested in purchasing a grave or wishing additional information may leave a message for Roy Veatch through our church office at 636.394.7506.