Mission Journeys
Registration is now open!
All youth deserve the experience of a mission journey or camp. We believe financial worry should not impede that opportunity and we offer scholarship to any youth who needs it. Please contact Beth for more information

Senior High Quest Camp at Mound Ridge

When: June 11-16 at Mound Ridge
Who: Senior High (Youth who have completed grades 9-12.) *You can go to both this camp AND be a Spirit Camp Counselor.
Where: Mound Ridge Camping and Retreat Center

What it is: Quest Camp is a brand new opportunity for MUMY this year. It is sponsored by the Missouri United Methodist Conference and directed by Nancy Cooper, a former MUMY youth director and church camp veteran. It is an opportunity for our senior high to go and simply be a camper with no additional responsibilities before or during the week. Youth can get away from the stress of life, connect with God, grow in your faith, and deepen your friendships. Beth will go as a counselor and worship leader.

What we do: We will do all of the things that make church camp wonderful: worship, games, crafts, swimming, Bible study, and fun out in nature. We will be with youth from other churches, so there will be an opportunity to make new friends as well as forming deeper connections with our MUMY friends.

Adult need: Other adults will be present so the need is not as high, but we should bring one adult for every 6 youth who sign up. Beth will count as one adult.

Cost: $350

Transportation: Beth will transport you to and from the camp. 

*Note this is not an MUMC sponsored camp. Registration is through the conference site.*

Mid-High Mission to Kansas City, MO

When: Sunday, June 24 – Saturday, June 30
Who: Mid High (Youth who have completed 6th, 7th, and 8th grade)
Where: Kansas City, MO
Price: $200.00
What it is: The mid high mission journey is an opportunity for our middle schoolers to experience a new place, learn about what it truly means to be in mission for Christ, and put their hands and feet to work for the good of their neighbors. We recognize that being in mission is a lifetime commitment and we hope these trips are the beginning of a lifelong journey for our youth.
What we do:  We are contracting with Youth Works, an organization we have partnered with several times before and with whom we have had great experiences. We are partnering with local organizations to improve life for community members. Activities will serve people of all ages. They can range from tutoring, maintaining community gardens, assisting at soup kitchens, and helping at facilities that serve children and the elderly.  YouthWorks staff has ongoing, long-term relationships with these organizations. We may be amongst other groups but we will be on work sites together as MUMY.
Fun: We will do several fun activities that lead us around the sites of Kansas City, including of course, enjoy the famous Kansas City BBQ.
Adult Need: We will need two men and two women as chaperones. 

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Hinton, NC for Senior High Students

When: Saturday, July 7 – Saturday, July 14
Who: Senior High (Youth who have completed 9th – 12th grades.)
Where: Hinton Rural Life Center in Hinton, North Carolina
Price: $300.00
What it is: The Senior High Mission Journey is an opportunity for our older youth to roll up their sleeves and put their faith into action. They will work hard, but they will also play hard, experience another culture within our country, and grow in their relationship with God and each other. We recognize that being in mission is a lifetime commitment and we hope these trips are the beginning of a lifelong journey for our youth.
What we do: Hinton RLC has been a staple in their community since 1957 helping families with home rehabilitation and other needs. We will work in conjunction with several other youth groups but will all be together at the end of the day.
Fun Events: We will be doing an alpine coaster and white water rafting. If these fun events do not interest you, we strongly encourage you to still go on the trip. We can make accommodations as needed and there will be plenty of fun and cultural activities throughout the week that appeal to a wide variety of interests.

Adult Need: We will need at minimum two men and two women as chaperones. 

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Spirit Camp at Camp MoVal

When: Saturday, July 21 – Thursday, July 26
Who: Youth who have completed *5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades *This is a change from previous years!
Where: Camp MoVal in Union, MO (45 min drive from church)
Price: $250.00/Camper and $125.00/counselor and CIT
What it is: Spirit Camp is a unique experience that many report is the highlight of their MUMY experience. Mid High students spend the week together in the midst of God’s creation playing, learning, and growing in discipleship. Senior High students serve as counselors and plan and execute the majority of the activities. Adults serve as mentors and chaperones, and of course have lots of fun. 
What we do: We will do a little bit of everything, including (but not limited to) crafts, sports, drama, dance, Bible study, etc. The highlight of the week for many is the float trip. Kids will also experience impactful worship, hear the testimonies of our counselors, participate in the “Olympics,” and send off our graduating campers and seniors with an Affirmation Walk. All participants are part of a family group, a supportive and inclusive group, which helps youth feel like they have a home away from home.

Theme: Unity - How do we actively work for unity in Christ in such a divided world?

Counselor Info: Counselors applications are ready tonight! Counselors will be announced in early April.
Factors that go into picking counselors:
  • Application
  • Youth group attendance
  • Youth group leadership
  • Overall attitude and willingness
  • Other leadership experience
NEW THIS YEAR: 9th Graders are invited to sign up as Counselors in Training. No application process. They will be in family groups, have some leadership opportunities, and will spend some time in training as their own group. They will have the full Spirit Camp experience.
Adult Need: Adult Chaperones – Most of your duties are the safety and wellness of the kids and counselors, since the counselors plan and lead most of the activities. You are also responsible for leading the family group discussions. Counselors will not be expected to do that this year. If you are new, we will pair you with a veteran.
Transportation: Parents will be expected to drop off and pick up their camper. You are welcome to carpool.